Get Started in Jewelry Design: These Books Will Show You How

The jewelry making techniques are fairly simple, but the art involved requires an understanding of basic design concepts in order to succeed. Take a course in jewelry design at a local art school or continue with the Ed is great, but if that is not possible, or if you want to expand their knowledge of jewelry design beyond the scope of their instructor, then a or more of these books will give you a great start.

Author Elizabeth Olver has both the subject of jewelry design and its readers seriously in his book The Art of Jewelry Design: From concept to reality (North Light Books, 2002). The book combines detailed hand-drawn illustrations and dramatic color photographs with the solids content includes essential design tools, the stages of the design process, the various elements of jewelry design and creative concepts involved in jewelry design success. Creative concepts, as defined by Olver and are listed in the table of contents of the book are "organic, geometric, abstract, narrative, figurative, symbolic, fashion icons, the series well," and "sculpture". This book will help you find your own style of jewelry making based on a sound understanding of the design.

If your taste in jewelry accounts runs the Book of Accounts: a practical guide and inspiration for beads and jewelry making, by authors Janet Coles and Robert Budwig (Simon & Schuster, 1990), covers the basic design concepts jewelry with pearls and presents detailed instructions for a variety of projects. The book also contains many photos and descriptions of a multitude of accounts and covers the entire process involved in creating earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches decorative.

More basic, but very funny, The Art of Making Jewelry by Deborah Krupenia, Tammy Powley, Jessica Wrobel and (Thunder Bay Press, 2005), covers the tools and materials used in the manufacture of jewelry, including glass standard metal and ceramic supplies, and more unusual materials such as paper and paper mache. The book provides specific instructions for a wide range of projects using a variety of techniques, and profiles of twenty renowned jewelry artists and their work.

Each book illustrates the basic techniques, but then takes them in very different directions, resulting in a wide range of artistic styles that can act as a source of inspiration for budding jewelry designer. Each one in particular offers strong technical knowledge of the jewelry, which together provide an excellent introduction to the creative range available in this unique art form.