Free Jewelry is a Real Thing - Jewelry Home Show Hostess Success Tips

The representative of the jewelry sale will it sound easy to do, and presenting a program of home jewelry can be simple, but if you want to maximize sales, and therefore, the amount of free jewelry that you can gain from the series, then you will find the following checklist useful.


The date and time of your party jewelry can help increase sales. A month or two months before graduation, Christmas or any holiday gift you can take your guests are already in the mood for shopping. Book a spectacle fit for the winter holidays can be difficult, however. I attended a jewelry show in early October, and reserve all the time available for delivery on vacation and had been taken, so plan early if you want the extra boost of Christmas and holiday jewelry sales . If you happen to be at a party by the pool in July, do not delay, book in November or December show then!

The day of the week and time must also be considered. During football season, a celebration of Sunday afternoon may be time very well, with many women who want to escape from his armchair athlete men-folk for a couple of hours. Super Bowl Sunday might be an exception to this example. Saturday is often "mission day" for women who work at the end of the afternoon, around the cocktail hour might be the right time. Part 3:00 pm or 4:00 may be the last stop before going home to prepare for the night. Saturday night can also be a good time for a party, depending on the mix of customers to invite. If your guests are available during the weekday, morning jewelry shows your home can be a welcome break from the routine.

Usually the duration of a game is two hours. Your friends may want to stay up late, however, the sales staff have to pack up and go home after a couple of hours and, in general, two hours is enough time for everyone to explore, test samples of jewelry, and place orders.


Once you have booked your jewelry home party show, take a few minutes for yourself and to define its role. Some sales representatives will provide you invitations, postcards and a guide on how to prepare for his show. When the invitations are delivered, the hostess is expected to address and mail your invitations. At a recent party Silpada jewelry, the sales rep said she only needed the guest list and addresses, and her address and send the invitations. This is less work and more convenient for the hostess, and the representative can build your mailing list at the same time.
You are encouraged to promote your next party. Do you feel comfortable doing so. Not everyone was PT Barnum.

Build a list of INVITATION

The guest list needs careful thought, especially with something like the jewelry, which for most people is a luxury, not a necessity. Although there is no obligation to buy, once a visitor arrives and begins to be seen, the expectation of an order to grow, and not all jewelry displays offers the symbolic element, affordable for everyone.

If you know someone who is looking for a source of income, and which seem suitable for sale, then you might want to attend to learn more about joining the company as a sales associate. This can benefit the homeowner, because many companies reward the hostess with additional products or credits if someone signs in as a result of his show.

Draw the names of many places in your social network, including co-workers, church friends, co-teaches, book group partners, neighbors, relatives, friends, quilting circle, PTA parents or day care, etc.. A mixture of people add interest to all. Wait about 30 percent of your guest list to attend your party, so encourage your guests to bring a friend. It is also a good idea for order catalogs out. The sales associate if the supply of catalogs for jewelry and forms you need.


In general, the RSVP date on a home program of jewelry is 2-3 days before the event. This will give the homeowner time to clean house, shop and prepare foods and beverages. In planning what to serve, the following guidelines may be helpful. Keep the food easy to eat in one or two bites. They serve food that requires a fork and plate. If both hands are occupied, guests can not be treated in jewelry and active
look at the screen. Let your guests a Bitesize brownie pop, cookies and carrot sauce and continue shopping!

Do not give sticky foods, people also will be handling the jewelry, and you do not want to gum up with sticky glaze buffalo sauce.

Try a new recipe - if it is a success, then you will have the opportunity to hear the praise and help with the conversation. If the recipe is a failure, will have leftovers to feed the dog.

If appropriate to do so, the wine offers a tip punch or cocktails such as Mimosas, cosmopolitan, or Peach Bellini. Hot cider with rum would be a welcome drink on a winter afternoon. They offer these as well as coffee drinks, tea and soft drinks will help guests relax in what could be a stressful situation. It also adds a festive atmosphere. It's a good idea to limit the availability of alcoholic beverages.

Display Location

When deciding where to display the jewelry at home, keep in mind that food, as usual, will attract guests. If you have an open kitchen / family room, having food in the vicinity of the display of jewelry is very simple. If the room is best suited for the presentation of jewelry, then threw his food in that room, with tables and coffee table food and beverages, and a folding table set jewelry. You could work in reverse, and centralize food, while the spread of jewelry around the room, but you could invite theft and presents a logistical challenge for the sales staff. The main thing is to keep the flow of traffic moving to and from food and jewels to keep your guests on their feet and active, and less likely to find a corner of a long chat updating.


Proper lighting is very important for jewelry sales. Make sure there is enough light to see the details, colors and jewels from the jewelry on display, and allow guests to see clearly when testing samples of jewelry. The next time you are shopping in a store, boutique, gallery or museum shop, take note of the lighting, because it can provide a good model for your party.


Mirrors are a welcome tool in a show of jewelry. It is likely that the sales associate know and have a mirror standing on the display table, but it is wise to have another close or be sure to welcome your guests to use the bathroom or hallway mirror. Mirrors help sell jewelry, so make sure buyers see how beautiful you are using a necklace or earrings.

Placing Orders

When it comes to ordering, your guests and the sales staff need privacy, so they created a space in a separate room or in a corner where there isn'ta table or desk and a couple of places to sit. This will allow discreet operation.


The work as a flight attendant goes a little beyond the opening of his home and offering good spirits. Try to keep people focused on jewelry, though side conversations are taking place. Staying near the jewelry and keep the conversation around that area will help people stay close. No need to actively sell the product, but do what you can to prevent the establishment of a sales associate afloat in a social iceberg. A not very loud live music can help with mood, as with any party.


Often, during the presentation of stand-up of the company and the jewelry, the sales staff will provide a door prize to break the ice. As a good hostess, with a small non-perishable items on hand in case of accident will be well appreciated by the sales representative as well as the guest. I attended a party where the prize of the door had melted the chocolate in a day unusually warm. The sales rep quickly recovered with a cleaning cloth to produce, however, the homeowner might want to consider a backup point-to-hand as a small packet of tea or coffee, or a small bottle of hand lotion.

However, a little planning and logistical considerations earn rewards brilliant jewelry sales strong.


Trust - make sure that the line is being offered a guarantee without problems.

Be on time. Do not overstay your visit.

It has more of a mirror.

Having a flexible screen plan to adapt to many different scenarios that they face. Keep it simple so you can assemble and disassemble in a short period of time.

We will gladly take some of the jewels of its product line.

Dress well. Do not wear perfume, many people suffer from allergies, and the perfume can aggravate.

Keep your presentation brief and to the point.

We try to offer some elements of cash and carry basis for those who do not want to wait for an order of arrival. This may mean having to store a small amount of inventory, but if they are moderately priced, best sellers, then it will not hold for long.

Bring your own folding table to ensure they have adequate viewing space.

Bring a lamp so that you can be sure you have enough lighting in the right place. Maybe a screen can be used for hanging jewelry, and add light to the room.

Offering ideas for gambling games can boost sales. Not everyone has a knack for mixing the complementary jewelry. If you can make it easier, sales increased most likely yours.

Offer an incentive to book a show, while at the party. Be sure to reward the hostess for reservations made at the fair.

Check out the game a day early to ensure the provision of venue.

Are you limited to the sample at home, or business / work some places that are willing to consider? People who work appreciate the opportunity to buy during your lunch hour. This is especially true for those who can not leave their building during breaks. The medical community and schools are two examples.

TIPS jewelry manufacturer

The construction of her jewelry well enough so that you can confidently offer a warranty with no problems.

If your jewelry is one-of-a-kind, consider offering some limited edition pieces. Your customers want to buy something special, although it costs a dollar or two more.

Be sure to offer the symbol jewelry item easily accessible. The ideal would be to design a piece of each category that you make.

Buy your parts from reliable suppliers. Want to sell as many of its most popular items as possible. A reliable source of supply can provide components when you need them.

Knowing your sales associates. You want to be sure you are representing your company and appreciate knowing that their principal.

Keep simple and attractive packaging. File boxes with as hot stamped logo or name on the label is appropriate.

If you have a catalog, the images show the actual size and easy to see.

Make sure your pricing formula ensures that the models are well compensated for their time.

Consider offer fundraising options for the program. Nonprofits of all parties need to save time, opportunities to raise capital for their programs.

Do not forget to thank the host after their show at home. Through its sales associate who has been a guest in their home.