Make your money work harder: Dollar Bill Origami

“The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.” – Kin Hubbard

It’s likely to be a slow day at the office for most people since we’re on the cusp of a three day holiday weekend. If there are still 8 hours of cubicle nation between you and the start of your Fourth of July festivities, then here’s something to do with your pocket full of money:

Master the art of dollar bill origami

There are plenty of web sites with step-by-step instructions… This month’s issue of Southwest’s in-flight magazine explains how to morph your money with a few easy folds and make it work harder for you… or at least make it work at entertaining your coworkers during your third Frappuccino run today.

Awhile back, Phil at Queercents explained that he learned to make a T-shirt with a dollar-bill as a kid. Apparently he used this newfound skill in bars and quite possibly as part of drinking games, but recommends that you don’t give the bartender a tip out of dollar-bill origami. He tried this once and writes, “That seemed to annoy him.” I suspect that Phil didn’t go home with the bartender that night.

But that doesn’t mean your nephew won’t appreciate the twenty bucks folded up as a spider and presented to commemorate his eight grade graduation. One of the best lists of folding diagrams is found here.

So after today, if you’re hooked on money folds and want more… Join the Moneyfolders interest group at Yahoo... there’s actually been activity on its message board in the last seven days. Who knew people spent time doing this?

Fold away… the Fourth is just around the corner!