Gas prices, the tipping point and tips to save money on gasoline.

“Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.” – George Carlin

About a year ago, the Washington Post conducted a poll finding:

The average price that drivers said would compel them to significantly cut back on their driving was $4.38 a gallon. In the western United States, where gasoline prices are typically higher than in the rest of the country, the average respondent said the price would have to hit $5.12 a gallon.
In California, we’re quickly closing in on the $5.12 a gallon and according to Walter, prices could even climb to $8.00 a gallon.
Oil companies and analysts have long debated where the tipping point is for gasoline — the price that would cause a significant drop in consumption or prompt motorists to opt for autos with better gasoline mileage.
People used to believe the tipping point was $3.00 a gallon. Well, obviously 3 bucks didn’t do the trick. What is or was the tipping point for you?

If it’s already happened for you then here are 29 Ways to Save Money on Gas. I’ve highlighted ten below but click over to the guy’s complete list for the expanded explanation:

1. Brake the Right Way: the less you have to break, the less you have to accelerate. A car consumes more gas as it accelerates.
2. Shifting Manual: a manual transmission is supposed to be more fuel efficient.

3. Reduce Weight: keep the trunk empty.

4. Turn Your Car Off: an idling car burns fuel… more fuel than it takes to restart it again.

5. Drive Slower: driving fast increases the drag and therefore increases fuel consumption
6. Close Your Windows: opening your windows increases the drag as well and uses more fuel.

7. Fill Up at Arco: it pays to drive by Chevron and Shell and find an Arco station.

8. Pick a Better Route: avoid heavy traffic and the route with a lot of traffic lights.

9. Ride the Slipstream: don’t tailgate, but on long trips drive your car into another cars slipstream and you will use less fuel.

10. Carpool and Combine Trips: do the math.

Bonus: Buy a More Fuel Efficient Car: eventually we all need a new car… make a better choice the next time around.

Any other ideas? Feel free to list them over at Queercents.